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they took control. and digging in. the egyptian protest gets even bigger while the obama administration lays out its position in the clearest terms yet. and that's amore? silvio burr les cony must stand trial. it's wednesday, february 9th, 2011. good morning. >> i guess that was your italian accent. >> the best i could. i did -- when you had a day off. so french and italian, phony french and italian. >> you're a man of the world. at the top for us, leaders who lunch. president obama will sit down today for a private lunch with republican house leader boehner, cantor and mccarthy. this comes on the heels of a lunch with mcconnell last week. kelly o'donnell is msnbc capitol hill correspondent. so much to get to including that surprise vote, but let's start with this lunch. they're going to sit down, break bread, but it come ons the context of republican leader cantor being pretty critical of the president just recently. >> this is really an important step forward if either side is going to deliver on the idea of working together. the president has extended this invitation to lunch. if soup's o
secretary and how the point of jay carney change president obama's messaging robert gibbs is probably sleeping in about now. happy valentine's day, chuck. >> i have my red tie on. i saw the budget going from the new executive office building on my way in. you can see it wrapped in the palettes of that crazy stuff. also governor hayley barber is running for president. wait until you see this interview. reports that popular energy drinks may pose serious health risks to young adults didn't see that coming. we will get to the president's budget just released. it's a plan for the nation to live within its means while investing in the future with targeted spending. >> it's the beginning of a battle of $3.7 trillion and reducing the deficit by 1.1 trillion over 10 years. 2/3 is from spending cuts and 1/3 from tax increases. obama's budget slashes $100 billion from summer school grants to the college pell grant system in order to continue funding other parts of the pell program. $78 billion in defense cuts and decreases in low income heating assistance by 50% and caps on itemized deductions
? michelle obama's words on the subject touched off a fiery debate and don't think you can predict where liberals and con conservatives come down on this one t is february 18, 2011, i'm savannah guthrie. >> everything have to be polar rising. >> apparently nothing sacred. >> i'm chuck off. get to the run down. maybe the next political story the next two years has been ignited in wisconsin. we are going to start in a showdown in the states. governors are slashing spending, cope with billions of dollars in budget short falls thanks to a whole bunch of reasons, medicaid new york more recovery act, the battle lines are drawn in many 2012 battleground states. many have ideologically conservative republican governors. >> to set the scene a little bit, 44 states are projecting combined deficits of 125 billion for 2012. this pits democrats against fiscally conservative governors, many of whom have just come into office. in which is, which the protests in their fourth straight day over governor so the scot walkers a plan to eliminate most collective bargaining rights for public employees and make
night, president obama sent the clearest signal yet that he is siding with the protesters. in a statement, he said, "the egyptian people have been told that there was a transition of authority, but it is not yet clear that this transition is immediate, meaningful, or sufficient. the egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete, and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy and they have not yet seized that opportunity." >> and one other piece of breaking news. mohamed el on the streets, the only way out is for the regime to go. people power can't be crushed. we shall prevail. still hope army can join." >> and we join richard engel now. is elbaradei right? the entire nation of cairo out on the streets? >> reporter: there are many people out on the streets, but what's different today, it's not just cairo. there have been other movements since these protests began, but when we're seeing now are huge protests in cairo, but also suez, alexandria, protests all over the country and they seem united in their call for president mubarak to not just transfer power, not j
, the president obama is urging mubarak to move even quicker, but he stopped short of calling directly for him to step down now. >> it is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, an it must begin now. >> john ray is live for us in cairo. what's going on here? we're hearing accusations. elbaradei is saying there appears to be an attempt by mubarak forces to create a more violent situation. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, what we're hearing here at the moment is the sound -- unmistakable sound of gunfire below me in what we've come to call liberation square. it's been going on for the last three or four minutes. several bursts of gunfire. i cannot tell whether that is gunfire into the air to try to disperse crowds or whether it's something more sinister than that. but i think we can say for sure that if yesterday was the revolution, today is the counterrevolution. and if yesterday was peaceful, today i am afraid it's anything but. we've watched disturbing scenes unfold here over the past hour. i think if i just move slightly out of the way, the camera
and president and mrs. barack obama are not on the list. of course they're going for a state visit about a month later. >>> the nation is facing a potential government shutdown like the one that froze the nation in 1995. the senate is out all week for presidents' day recess. they'll return leaving them just five days to strike a deal before march 4th. the senate showdown played out yesterday on "meet the press." >> if we end up shutting down the government and calling into question whether we're going to meet our obligations for social security checks and paying our troops, that is an utter fail e failure. >> the only way we'll shut the government down is if democratic colleagues keep on insisting the government be large and unsustainable. >> ken strickland is nbc news senate producer and i can't tell you how many just lay members of my family from across the country e-mailed me over the weekend going, are you kidding me? they're not working this week with this shutdown looming in two weeks? explain what's happening behind the scenes. >> the great thing about working in congress is that every s
, where rebels do seem to have control of that part of libya. president obama meets with ban ki-moon. everything that they say from here on out they want international cover particularly from the united nations. >> we'll keep an eye on it, if we can get the shot up from tripoli we'll get it to you for sure. >>> back in washington, lawmakers are walking into a political cooker. both parties are weighing a republican plan to keep things up and running for a few more weeks. kelly o don cell -- who blinked? harry reid or john baner? >> it's almost a combination of both because what boehner did is he emphasized some of the cuts the president has said he wanted to make, very tough for democrats to go against that. so many people are looking at this and saying that republicans kind of have the edge here on this because they're going to get what they wanted, cutting $4 billion for two weeks. that's a pro-rated amount of what they're looking for and it gives democrats a chance to say that republicans came to their side with some of the cuts. there are democrats who believe these cuts are
? president obama speaks to the chamber of commerce today after two years of sharp conflict. >>> looking ahead to 2012, today marks less than a year until the iowa caucuses. the only thing that's missing? actual candidates. it's monday, february 7th, 2011. i'm chuck todd. savannah has morning off. what is wikileaks founder julian assange afraid of? our super bowl ads, "huffinigton post" is bought for the price of a hockey franchise. >>> let's get to the rundown. in egypt, the anti-government movement enters the third week as life outside cairo's main square tries to return to normal. thousands of protesters are back in tahrir square. at one point they formed a human chain to keep a critical government building from reopening. the vice president omar suleiman says a meeting produced a consensus on new reforce. the opposition says there's no deal in place and vowed to stage more demonstrations. president obama says changes are coming the egypt but admits america's influence is a bit limited. >> what we've said is let's make sure that you get all the groups together in egypt, let the egyptian peo
today, barack obama announced in springfield, illinois. four years later, why is he the only candidate in the 2012 race, as top republicans come for the annual conservative cattle call. what's taking them so long to get in the presidential campaign? >>> is osama bin laden no longer public enemy number one? the surprising assessment from top intelligence officials as congress gets its annual report on threats to the nation. the house intelligence committee leaders will be here with us live. >>> and has got to be a new land speed record for scandal. just three hours after a flirtacious photo, the congressman in question resigns. we'll have the blogger who broke the story here live. it's thursday, february 10th, i'm savannah guthrie. >> what a 24 hours in american politics in general. we had a senate retirement in jim webb, cpac starts, president is going on a trip. oh, by the way, egypt. anyway, but we're at the top and we're going to start right here. conservatives coming to washington. it's the all important cpac meeting, the unofficial start to the republican presidential primary is r
's the obama budget and the political battle of the year this morning jack lou, the president's budget director, defends the proposal. plus the egypt effect is sparking new violence in iran as thousands of protesters hit the streets. >>> this morning italian prime minister has been ordered to stand trial for trying to cover up a lurid sex scandal. it's tuesday, february 15th, 2011. i'm chuck todd. all sex scandals are lurid. >> if not, what's the point? good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. we'll get to the rundown and we'll start with breaking news president obama has scheduled a news conference for late this morning. he'll be talking about the budget among other things. >> we're expecting him to come out at 11:00 to defend his plan in person 24 hours after he released it. atheena, there was no press briefing scheduled today. that should have been the first tip, right? >> it should have been a sign. we heard administration officials say yesterday that it really was just the opening bid. a long fight ahead. a debate about the size and scope of the government. the classic debate really b
for republicans to beat barack obama. don't tell that to rush limbaugh or a lot of other be conservatives. let's get to the rundown we'll start with the budget. from defends his 2012 budget playing against those who say it doesn't go far enough he's threatening to veto the proposed spending bill for 2011 budget. house republicans are looking to slash some $60 billion in the next seven months. mike, you must have had a ball watching this new open house. they got all sorts of crazy amendments that will hit the floor today as well but the reality is there seems to be a showdown between house republicans and the white house over funding levels. >> well, you're right. john boehner is keeping his end of the bargain and keeping open rules. anyone can come forward with an amendment. doesn't mean they will be debated. there's some 400 now all together. look if you think the pentagon should be funding nascar, if you think that the war in afghanistan, the funding for that should be cut, if you think foreign aid should be cut, the corporation for public broadcast, head start for underprivileged pre-school
. >> with echoes of john kennedy, president obama looked for common ground with big business. the egypt unrest enters week three. protesters refuse to leave tahrir square, mubarak refuses to leave the government. who will win this waiting game? and former defense secretary donald rumsfeld new book, settling old scores. good morning, it's february 8th, 2011, i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm chuck todd. rumsfeld we thought would be the last one to do the tell-all from the bush administration. >> but he is. >> it's a good one. we'll get to it. >>> the demise of the democratic leadership council, did it go away, never figure out how to be nothing but a bill clinton entity, and the eight reasons why jeb bush has to start running for president now if he wants to be president in the future. >>> the anti-mubarak protesters are calling for another million people to hit the streets trying to keep up pressure on president mubarak. >> they have gotten a big turnout so far today. tens of thousands once again flowing into cairo's main square, and in a sign that demonstrators are settling in for the long hau
of collective bargaining rights and force them to pay more for health care and pensions. president obama, actually, weighed in on the controversy during an interview with our milwaukee affiliate, wtmj. >> i would say, as a general proposition, that everybody's got to make some adjustments to new fiscal realities. on the other hand, some of what i've heard coming out of wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain, generally, seems like more of an assault on unions. and i think it's very important for us to understand that public employees, they're our neighbors. they're our friends. >> well, votes are expected later today in the wisconsin senate and assembly on this bill. there were over 1,000 teachers that called in sick yesterday to protest this bill. we saw thousands of people -- >> the pictures coming out of wisconsin are amazing to see. >> it was something else. by the way, in those interviews, the president made one other piece of news. in the richmond interview, asked about tim kaine, the dnc chair, him running for virginia senate, he
as moammar gadhafi matches forces for what could be a fal stand. for the first time president obama publicly condemned the crackdown but never mentioned gadhafi by name, that was done on purpose. the white house says he does not want to enflame the situation. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable, so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of libya. these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> meanwhile, while some 30,000 foreigners have fled by crossing the border into egypt, bad weather prevented americans from ferrying out. nbc's stephanie gosk is live in city bahraini egypt, near the libyan border. do we think the americans will be able to get out today? there's bad weather in the mediterrane mediterranean. >> reporter: i can tell you the ferryboat was spoeltzed to leave yesterday hampered because of high swells might leave on friday but weather is proving to be just as much as a deterrent almost as the violence and general disorder in libya for people to get o
, president obama will answer questions from reporters for the first time in a week on the situation in egypt. he holds a press availability with the leader of canada later today. stephen harper is at the white house for a day of meetings. and the opening bell just rang on wall street. it's the labor department reports a sharp drop in unemployment. >>> other stories making headlines, nbc news confirms that mark kelly, the husband of gabrielle giffords, will command the space shuttle "endeavour" mission in april. he is expected to make the official announcement this afternoon. >>> a new senate report finds that the army and fbi missed warning signs that could have presented the 2009 shooting rampage at ft. hood. the report outlined intelligence breakdowns including the fbi's failure that the suspect was e-mailing with a radical claric in yemen. >>> racial minorities accounted for -- the population growth. also found that new orleans' population shrunk in the wake of hurricane katrina. that city is now 30% smaller than in 2000. >>> police in north carolina have arrested a suspect in the overnig
? my interview with jeffrey, president obama's new point man, plan for digging the country out. >> well done. with a government shutdown looming. democrats say they are searching for cuts in all the right places. >> but first, today's trivia question. which current governor did the late senator robert byrd refer to as "little caesar"? i like this. the answer coming up when we come back. winter can be beautiful. [ female announcer ] and now, winter skin can be too. discover relief from dry, uncomfortable skin with skin relief moisturizing lotion. only aveeno has an active naturals triple oat and shea butter formula that soothes, nourishes and restores moisture. women saw improvement in all five symptoms of winter skin in just one day. beauty you can see and feel. that's being comfortable in your own skin. aveeno skin relief. and now get dermatologist recommended relief from severely dry skin with eczema therapy. new from aveeno. discover the power of active naturals new from aveeno. to stay fit, you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell'
good at that in egypt, tunisia, other places. there's going to be increasing pressure on the obama administration to, if this continues the way it's going, to institute some sort of no-fly zone over libya, to actually keep libyan planes, which are apparently bombing and killing their people from flying. there's going to be increasing pressure to do something on a humanitarian front to protect these people. >> jeffrey goldberg from "the atlantic." your expertise all the more valuable as we watch what's happening across the middle east. thank you. >>> up next, domestic politics. how long can wisconsin stand this stalemate? a key deadline looms on friday. neither side is budging and democrats remain out of the state. so how does this end? we'll talk live to one of those democratic lawmakers who's in illinois. >>> plus, rahm's run. and you know what they say in chicago, right? vote early and often. why this race could be a little bit from being over quite yet. we'll see if rahm can avoid a runoff. >>> a look ahead at the president's schedule today as he's on the road to cleveland, ohio
at live pictures at president obama walking up to the podium about to speak at the annual right here in washington at the national prayer breakfast. we'll let you listen in. >> thank you so much to the co-chairs, jeff and ann, to all of the members of congress that are here, distinguished guests that traveled so far to be here this morning, to randall for your wonderful stories and powerful prayer, to all who are here providing testimony. thank you so much for having me and michelle here. we're blessed to be here. i want to begin by saying a word to mark kelly, who's here. we have been praying for mark's wife, gabby giffords, for many days now, but i want gabby and mark and their entire family to know that we are with them for the long haul and god is with them for the long haul. and even as we pray [ applause ] even as we pray for gabby in the aftermath of a tragedy here at home, we're also mindful of the violence that we're now seeing in the middle east, and we pray that the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized and t
something very interesting. the obama administration is in a very difficult situation right now. they have 600 u.s. citizens they're trying to get out of the country. the airport in tripoli is unreliable, flights aren't coming in. certificates of state hillary clinton has asked carriers to bring in larger jets but british airways and emirates both said they will stop flying into tripoli and actually bring a ferry in to get the citizens out. until they do, they're worried about their safety and can't come out and admonish gadhafi for the violence in this country because he's unpredictable. they don't know what he will do. it's not just americans trying to get out, lots of other foreigners. there are 1.5 million egyptians trying to get out of the country, most coming through here, quite a chaotic scene at the border. >> stephanie gosk at the border of libya and egypt. thanks. >>> while deposgovernment force trying to maintain their hold in tripoli, gadhafi appears to have lost control of just about every major city. richard engel describes his trip in the city. >> reporter: as soon as wen te
on behalf of the obama administration. >> today, the figures, elbaradei and the muslim brotherhood said they will not deal with mubarak while he is in power. daniel kurtzer in, a former ambassador to israel and steven cook, senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. let's start with you, ambassador kurtzer, how do you see this playing out? you have mubarak inching forward saying, all right, let's talk, let's negotiate and yet it seem he is the two key opposition leaders at the moment are saying, well, we want change but we don't want to talk to mubarak we want to move past that? >> well, savan narc i think the key is going to be the degree to which mubarak, vice president suleiman and the new prime minister, ahmed shafiq can begin to implement the changes suleman talked about today mubarak remains adamant he is going to stay in power and the army cannot fire on the demonstrators. on one hand, you have the discipline imposed and another a firm stance by the president. if and i would underline the word if, this new government can make a credible start on constitutional changes oh
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